The building façade is the ‘face of a building’. It plays the major part in the appearance and visual impact of a building – and importantly building façades are as varied and individual as peoples faces. And they need to be cared for and protected just as individually.

Cosmetic repairs are not enough; only technically correct protection, precisely adapted to the local problem areas, can provide a sustainable solution. Conservation Tecnology is the true building cleaning supply specialist

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This is an example of Clinker Cleaner AC being usud on Brick to clean cement off the bottom brick and carbon off the top brick. As you can see the cement on the bottom right brick has completely ruined the bricks aesthetics, the same thing can be said about the brick on the top right that has carbon build up. For a personal experience we tried the clinker cleaner on the bricks to see how well it would take off the build up on the bricks in one coat and the results are shown above.  


 : The above picture shows Funcosil Facade Cream in action repelling water from the protected brick on the left. The brick on the right was also sprayed with water and it is shown absorbing the water and holding it which is bad and can cause rising damp, frost damage in the winter months and algae growth.The water repellent prevents all water from entering the brick thus preventing harmful outcomes listed prior allowing you to go on without having to worry about your having to repair the bricks.

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