St. James's Church Whiskey Distillery Co. Dublin

The historic church which was closed since 1954, was sold to the American company Alltech. They started restoration to turn the old run down church that lay in the heart of the whisky district of Ireland, James Street.

The company invested €5m into converting the building into a distillery to breath new life into a once forgotten magnificent church but also adding a little spark architectural genius to it.

The now finished building which had previously lost it's crowning jewel spire, was fitted with a crystal apex that has defiantly caught the attention of passers by.

Using Conservation Technology's mortars are cleaning products, St. James's Church Whiskey Distillery gleams in the heart of Ireland's favourite whiskey corner.

Products Used:

Remmers Restoration Mortar

Intechem HD 400

Secil NHL 3.5

Traffic Film Remover

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