Art. 1810

Deep protection silicification for waterproofing and restoring old and new buildings in the Kiesol System according to WTA Code of Practice 4-4-04/D Injecting Masonry Work against Capillary Moisture

Range of use

  • ▪ Aida Kiesol is a liquid combination product made of water repelling silicic acid compounds ▪ Water repelling, capillary narrowing, deep protection for waterproofing damp masonry work ▪ Protection against capillary rising damp through injection with Kiesol in a borehole procedure ▪ Diffusion open barrier zone (deep protection) against the effect of moisture from behind ▪ Improved adhesion by priming, diluted 1:1 with water ▪ Strengthens the substrate and increases chemical resistance through silicification ▪ Faster working operations through silicification treatments with waterproofing grouts (system waterproofing in one day) ▪ As a solvent-free, highly concentrated system component, Aida Kiesol is environmentfriendly and can thus be applied indoors and in drinking water reservoirs (expert opinion) ▪ Suppresses capillary water absorption according to WTA, tested up to a degree of 80% moisture penetration by injecting under gravity


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