NetGuard Eco Degreaser/Tile Cleaner

  • Net'Guard Eco Degreaser is a multi-use and ready-to-use cleaner designed for cleaning, maintenance and daily service of all washable surfaces (mineral or synthetic materials).
  • Net'Guard Eco Degreaser is a powerful cleaner, that allows the removal of all kind of stains and dirt: grease, food stains (oil, sauce, wine, soda...), ink stains, nicotine... and maintains the substrate surface in a clean state.
  • Net'Guard Eco Degreaser is quick and easy to use. Surface can simply be wiped with a soft cloth without rinsing. Net'Guard Eco Degreaser does not leave marks on a surface and dries very quickly.
  • Net'Guard Eco Degreaser complies with the French Order of 19/12/13 relating to the cleaning of materials which can be in contact with food. When applied to a surface in contact with food, rinse the surface after application
  • .Net'Guard Eco Degreaser is used indoors and outdoors to clean all washable surfaces (marble, granite, smooth or crystallized materials, PVC, painted surfaces, aluminium, zinc, brass, galva, stainless steel, plastic tarpaulin... It is ideal for worktops, walls, floors, stairs, etc.


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