Secil Fine Finish Mortar

Art. 0832

REABILITA Cal Acabamento Fino is a dry mortar, formulated from natural hydraulic lime, suited for carrying out fine finishing with better vapour permeability in renovation and rehabilitation solutions of old coatings. It incorporates fine siliceous and calcareous aggregates, carefully selected and additives, having particular properties of thixotropy, vapor permeability and durability, particularly adapted to be used in coating rehabilitation systems.

Range of use

REABILITA Cal Acabamento Fino is used as finishing in building conservation and rehabilitation, namely to achieve fine finishing in the recovery of interior or exterior coatings of old buildings, which require high levels of water vapour permeability. The use of the Natural Hydraulic Lime binder and its special composition results in an excellent physical and chemical behavior and mechanical performance in binding with the various materials constituting this kind of substrate. REABILITA Cal Acabamento Fino represents the fine finishing stage of the REABILITA CAL rehabilitation scheme, with products exclusively formulated from Natural Hydraulic Lime.


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