Betofix RM

Art. 1092
Versatile repair mortar for repairing concrete in just a few hours

Range of use

 Fast concrete repairs in facade areas

 For repairing superficial damage on concrete, reinforced concrete and light-weight concrete

As mineral corrosion protection for reinforcement steel (with Remmers Rust Inhibitor M, Art. No. 0919)

As a filling mortar for closing broken out areas without an additional bonding layer!

As a filler and felting mortar for closing pipes, pores and uneven areas

For patching broken corners and edges

For closing spacers, broken out areas and gravel pockets

Property profile

 Remmers Betofix RM is a factory-mixed, highly modified, fast repair mortar that is ready to use after mixing with water, sets quickly hydraulically and dries quickly.


Technical Data Sheet 

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