Betofix R4

Art. 1096
Fibre reinforced PCC dry mortar for the repair of concrete structures with static loads

Range of use

 Remmers Betofix R4 is used for repairing and protecting concrete structures with rough sur-faces, e.g.

 Concrete replacement in areas with static and dynamic loads

Strengthening concrete loadbearing structures since it has a static effect that can be calculated

Retaining walls, facades, panels and balconies

Under road covers on bridges and in parking garages

Indoors, outdoors and in wet areas of old and new buildings

Buidling elements exposed to salt-water und de-icing salt

Approved for PCC I and PCC II applications in load classes M2 and M3 according to ZTV-ING, TL/TP PCC and Rili-SIB. Meets requirements according to ZTV-W LB 219 as concrete replacement for the repair of hydraulic structures.

Property profile

 Betofix R4 is a factory-mixed, mineral, dry mortar that is ready to use after mixing with water. It can be produced with all conventional positive mixers. Betofix R4 hardens with little shrinkage and can be worked without an additional bonding layer. Polymer additives enhance the adhesion properties of the mortar, making it especially suitable for vertical application and overhead work. The hardened PCC mortar is resistant to water, weather, frost and de-icing salt. Betofix R4 is a component of the BASt listed Remmers Betofix PCC Concrete Repair System.


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