Restoration Mortar SK

Art. 0596
Mineral stone replacement mortar. Can be feathered out of zero.

Range of use

 Remmers Restoration Mortar SK is urse for restoring, supplementing and re-profiling mineral substrates such as natural stone, brick, concrete and synthetic stone. It can also be used to reproduce ornamental building elements in a tamping procedure.

Property profile

 Remmers Restoration Mortar SK is a ready to use, factory-mixed, dry mortar that can be drawn out to zero (limited by the largest grain). The mortar is excellently suited for re-profiling weathered sand-stone, brick and concrete to look like the original. Restoration Mor-tar SK is especially intended for supplementation on a small vol-ume scale. The different colour variations of sandstone and brick found in practice can usually be matched at the plant without any noteworthy differences if a sample of the stone is sent in. The mortar can also be used for joint work as well as for crossings.


Technical Data Sheet 

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