Restoration Mortar ZF

Art. 0585
Cement-free, mineral stone replacement mortar

Range of use

 Remmers Restoration Mortar ZF is used for restoring, supplementing and re-profiling mineral substrates such as natural stone, brick, con-crete and synthetic stone. It is especially suitable for substrates with less strength.

Property profile

 Remmers Restoration Mortar ZF �cement-free� is a ready to use, plant-mixed, dry mortar. Its physical characteristics correspond to the requirement for the lowest possible inherent stress and physical-mechanical properties that are coor-dinated to the natural stone sub-strate (compressive and bond strength, water transport, etc.). The �normal� grain of the aggregates (≤ 0.5 mm) essentially correspond to those of fine-grain sandstone. On request, the formulations �fine� (≤ 0.2 mm) and �coarse� (≤ 2.0 mm) are also available. As a rule, the colour and grain can be matched at the plant without great differences if a sample is sent in. The possibility of object specific tint-ing is limited due to the binder base.


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